A duelist from Murgan, son of the executioner of Emer.


20th level duelist.


Garrotte is a dashing young duelist who is has grown beyond his youthful dreams of glory. He is indisputably a master with the falchion. After many adventures he has decided that he must look for more to do with his life than defeat foe after foe. He has turned to the meditative arts to find a deeper meaning within himself.

He has even gone so far as to travel to Yamashura and join an order of monks, humbly training under the tutelage of the master there. Recently, Darwin and Alexander arrived to request Garrotte’s aid in completing a quest to reunite the scattered fragments of Ra’s essence. He agreed to help, and pledged to his master that he would use his blades only in dire circumstances, instead relying on his martial arts training to deal with threats whenever feasible.


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